Dina Christiansen is an experienced family law attorney in the Fort Collins / Loveland area of Colorado who has represented thousands of persons seeking divorce.

Effective Fort Collins / Loveland Divorce Lawyer

We at the Christiansen Law Firm attribute Dina’s success to a disciplined and intelligent approach to family law. Our practice is rooted in obtaining positive results that allow clients to reset their lives with optimism.

People in divorce are going through a turbulent emotional time, in which short-term emotions and issues can sometimes swamp long-term goals. Though it may be natural to feel anger or to want to defeat the other party at every step, divorces succeed when they bring about peace, so that emotion can resolve.

Dina Christiansen: Competent, Professional And Assertive

A “bulldog lawyer,” though impressive to witness, is usually not the most successful lawyer. Courts don’t respect lawyers who behave that way, and the other side may bristle at overly aggressive tactics.

The truth is, cases are won on research, evidence and legal analysis. And those are the areas in which Dina Christiansen excels.

‘We Are About Results’

Dina Christiansen is known throughout this part of Colorado as a divorce lawyer who wins on the facts. Her practice has grown steadily based primarily on positive word of mouth. Clients like the way they are treated and the results they obtain —and they tell their friends.

Child Custody · Modifications · Property Division · Child Support

Dina Christiansen takes every kind of family case, including enforcement, same-sex couple issues,
relocation involving children, prenuptial agreements and adoptions. If you want a no-nonsense family law attorney who will be devoted to your long-term goals, there is one number to call — 970-682-1480.

Are you struggling with a serious family issue? The top criteria to look for when hiring a family lawyer are experience and past success. In the Fort Collins / Loveland area, that means family law lawyer Dina Christiansen. Call her at 970-682-1480. Or write to her about your problem using this online form.